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When you have your own online channel, you can tell potential and current clients/customers WHEN to come to YOUR web site(s). Thatís HUGE! Especially when all they see is YOUR message on the screen along with the video you want them to see.

 If you are showing a new listing video at 4:00 today, you can e-mail blast your entire database at 3:30 to invite them to your home page at 4:00. Tell them why they should watch.

Once they go to your site, all they see is YOUR name and affiliation. Always be showing your listings, videos of properties you represent, interviews with you, home improvement tips, and so much more.

 Even if you donít have much (or any) of your own video content, First In Promotions Service Bureau will help you to produce your channel. Let your potential and current clients watch professionally produced videos while they are locked in to YOUR web site.

Yes, you can schedule what and when videos will appear on your online channel yourself. However, scheduling and programming for each day can take as long as one hour per day.

Or, you can hire First In Promotions Service Bureau to build your video library, schedule every single day to your preference, and even help you to schedule and coordinate live streaming. All for as little as $8.22 per day with our Annual Plan.

 Thatís a small price to pay to keep potential buyers/sellers coming and staying on your web site!

We can work with individual agents or we can implement an office "network" and run channels for each agent's web page. Just ask!

If all you do is post your property videos on YouTube or Facebook and tell potential clients/customers where to find them. However, there is no urgency for them to do so. They might do it when they get around to it.
 Even if they do seek out your video, those web pages show them names and information about your competitors along with recent posts and videos they looked at. In other words, your campaign just sent them to more distractions and away from YOUR web site.
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